William Campbell-Taylor (William Taylor) Caught Lying in City of London Election (Portsoken Ward) – “The UK Gold”


Portsoken Election Wardmote on 19 March 2014 in City of London, with William Campbell-Taylor (William Taylor), Labour Party, who is Fr William Taylor star of the “The UK Gold” film by Mark Donne, speaking alongside Independent candidates, Muhammad Al-Hussaini, Marie Brockington, Roger Jones, Syed Mahmood, Evan Millner and Andre Walker. The candidate speeches begin at 3:00 minutes into the video.

Open Letter to Election Candidate, William Campbell-­Taylor, Concerning Your Misleading Campaign Literature to Voters About the Middlesex Street Estate

The William Wallace Campaign

Gabriella Griffith, “Meet the hamster that wants part of the City of London to join an independent Scotland”, 20 March 2014

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