Song to Occupy London and Occupy Faith

What Pilgrims will need:

  • good pair of walking shoes (not brand new)
  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • waterproof clothing
  • sunscreen
  • plasters (for feet!)
  • personal medication
  • toiletries
  • sense of humour
  • faith in a better society
  • always carry a towel with you
  • backpack to carry it all in!
We will be hosted with food by some of the communities and we will endeavour to provide food en route as and when possible, but each Pilgrim is expected to take responsibility for feeding themselves, and ensuring they have enough water, etc. for the entire route. In addition, Occupy Faith UK does not accept any responsibility for any injuries, medical emergencies, financial losses, loss of possessions, or any responsibility to provide food or shelter for anyone participating in this pilgrimage. Pilgrims walk entirely at their own risk, although, Occupy Faith UK will endeavour to make this journey as pleasant as possible with provisions where local communities are willing to host us. This is not meant to be easy, pilgrimage traditionally has an aspect of penitential accountability and personal responsibility in the journey that you are undertaking. We will at times be camping on common land and expect every Pilgrim to take responsibility for ensuring that NO litter is left behind, and that the land that we leave is as we found it.

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